Congratulations Ms. Tracy Eboigbodin

Ambassador Abam Congratulates Tracy Eboigbodin, Winner of the 2022 Italian Cooking Competition

His Excellency, Ambassador Mfawa Omini Abam congratulates Ms. Tracy Eboigbodin, 29-year-old Nigerian from Benin City, who emerged winner of the 2022 MasterChef Italia. The international cooking show was held in December, 2022, and witnessed the appearance of notable and world-class chefs who participated in the competition. Among the twenty (20) contestants at the event, judges were fascinated by Eboigbodin’s cuisine, which was a tasty menu of perfectly blended Nigerian and Italian cooking, which earned her the prize.

Eboigbodin embraced her passion for cooking and graduated from Italian culinary school after 15 years of experience as a waitress in Italy, which brought her to the limelight. MasterChef Italia 2022 marks the 12th season for the Sky1 TV Cooking Talent. Since its Italian debut in 2011, Masterchef has established itself as a point of reference for the genre. The proud winner of the MasterChef Italia 2022 revealed that she passionately pursued her dream and refused to be limited by the stereotype of common perception of limitations among migrants in Italy.

It is interesting to note that Eboigbodin participated in the 7th edition of the annual week of Italian cuisine in the World, which took place in Abuja in November, 2022. The event was organised by the Italian embassy in Nigeria in collaboration with the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission and Fraser Suites. Eboigbodin is a chef/consultant and she travels extensively as a host of culinary events. She wrote and published the cooking guidebook Soul Kitchen. His Excellency Ambassador Abam celebrates Tracy Eboigbodin and wishes her greater heights in her career!